5 New WhatsApp Features For Android Are On The Way


WhatsApp is one of the most-awaited and popular messaging app used by over 1.5 billion users worldwide. WhatsApp has a user base of 350 to 400 million people in India itself.

In order match the latest trends in market WhatsApp is regularly updating its features in every few months. Even in 2019; it has not stopped updating its app with new intuitive features. The unreleased features are tested on the beta app for Android and iPhone. The main area where WhatsApp is focusing on is privacy and control of spam on the forum.

The new features that WhatsApp is focusing will come-up by 2019

Shoot boomerang videos like Instagram:

As like Instagram, WhatsApp is about to introduce its boomerang feature that allows users to create an illimitable loop of videos that is less than 7 seconds in length to send to your contacts and your status update. This feature will be available in its video type panel along with the conversion in GIF format.

Dark mode:

Dark mode feature is one of the most awaited features on WhatsApp. Currently, the feature is under development but will soon release towards the end of 2019. The advantages of dark mode feature are that it is being soothe for eyes and also having a striking new look. Besides that Dark mode saves battery life, especially for one which is having OLED Displays.

WhatsApp fingerprint authentication:

An added layer of security will be provided by the WhatsApp fingerprint Authentication feature for their users whenever they will open the app in the future.

Consecutive voice messages:

Now, through WhatsApp, we can play voice messages which are sent sequentially in between the two messages it will beep with a sound and then automatically will resume by playing the next message. Meanwhile, the user doesn't need to take any action.

Rank your contacts:

Contact ranking feature is also one of awaiting features of WhatsApp. It also promises to automatically rank contacts by detecting, to which contacts you are visiting the most will appear on the top list

Frequently Forwarded messages:

WhatsApp has been continuously held responsible for data privacy issues in India. But it seems that WhatsApp has done substantial work to rein the use of this forum in vending fake news. It will notify that for how many times the particular message has been forwarded. So, this can curb such illegal activities.

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